Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How Long Does it Take Until You Make Any Money?

This question reminds me of "How long is a piece of string?"

If you join zazzle as a designer or an associate there is a minimum period after a sale is recorded until it clears and you are elligible to be paid.

Zazzle hold all payments for 30 days after the sale is recorded, this is just in case a buyer asks for a refund on a product.

After 30 days the payment clears and you are paid if you have reached the required level for payment.

As of this date you can opt for payment to your PayPal account. The minimum payment threshold for that is $50.

Or you may opt to be paid by check (cheque) this has a minimum threshold of $100.

Funds are sent out at the end of the month during which you reached the minimum payment threshold.

Things are also a little complicated in that you can earn cash in two ways:

1 Creating and selling your own products.


2. Acting as an advertiser for other peoples products, in this role your receive a variable rate of commission for referrals.

Do you have any questions regarding this subject?

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