Friday, May 30, 2014

Ghost of Gettysburg Battlefield

Back in October 2002 I was travelling around the United  States.

Being interested in history, especially the Civil War I could not miss a trip to the Gettysburg battlefield. So I took three days over the Columbus Day Holiday to visit the small Pennsyylvania town and walk over the battlefield.

Close to the Virginia Monument, a large equestrian statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee on traveller (his horse). I took this photograph:

Gettysburg Ghost Photograph

gettysburg battlefield ghost, ghost of gettysburg,
Photograph of the Gettysburg Battlefield.

What the grey cloud is in the center of the photograph , is? I cannot definitely say. The ground beneath my feet was a burial pit for dozens if not hundreds of men who marched out of these trees on July 3rd, 1863 in a massive attack on the Union lines, the attack was later known as "Pickett's Charge" and A the high watermark of the Confederate bid for secession.

Ghost hunters search for such proof of ghosts,  search as they might in dark places, and as the clock strikes midnight. This ghost was walking the battlefield on a sunny fall afternoon.

I have made this photograph into several items on zazzle.

Gettysburg Ghost on

A variety of Mugs

Haunted Gettysburg PA Coffee Mug
Haunted Gettysburg PA Coffee Mug by billscup
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T-Shirts for all ages groups and sizes.

Haunted Gettysburg PA Shirt
Haunted Gettysburg PA Shirt by Bretsuki
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Gettysburg PA Battlefield "Ghost" Postcard
Gettysburg PA Battlefield "Ghost" Postcard by Bretsuki
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Gettysburg PA "Ghost" Poster
Gettysburg PA "Ghost" Poster by Bretsuki
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 I have also written a hub about the taking of this photograph. You can read the Hub :Gettysburg Ghost? Here.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Our April Best Sellers

April was a very good month, one of our best since our store opened.  To show the varriety of purchases made by our customers here are our best selling items

  1.  Liberty New American Citizen Card.

Liberty New American Citizen Card
Liberty New American Citizen Card by Bretsuki
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2.   Black Lab Luggage Tag.

Black Lab Luggage Tag
Black Lab Luggage Tag by Bretsuki
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 3. Don't Poke the Bear Mug

Don't Poke the Bear Mug
Don't Poke the Bear Mug by Bretsuki
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  4. "Uncle Sam" Table Place Card

Uncle Sam Table Place Card Table Card
Uncle Sam Table Place Card Table Card by Bretsuki
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5. "A true Soldier" Card

"A true soldier" card
"A true soldier" card by Bretsuki
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6. "Uncle Sam" Welcomes You Card. Congratulations on your American Citizenship.

As you can see there is quite a variety in purchases for this month.  We hope that you might check out our other products too by visiting our store: Bretsuki's

It's the World Cup!

Summer 2014 sees the long awaited arrival of the World Cup bandwagon in Latin America for the first time this century.

Soccer will be everywhere this summer and your kids will love this new shirt from Bretsuki's.

Comfortable to wear this shirt is made for activity. Playing in the park or running an errand your child will be happy to wear this cool shirt for the summer.

The colors are customizable and you can add a graphic to the back, a favorite players name or team number perhaps?  It's all up to you.

Take a look today.

Soccer Shirt
Soccer Shirt by Bretsuki
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

"I'm Only here ..." Shirt

What is Summer for?

It is hot, humid, there is no football, except the version with the round ball called soccer.

Then it is just too hot for the cook in the kitchen.

Say folks why don't we exit to the yard and light up the  barbecue?

Great steak, peppers, chicken, and burgers and hot dogs.

The aroma of grilling fills the air, and whoops of laughter and happy memories in the making. Memorial Day  fades to July 4th, that in turn becomes Labor Day.

Here is the perfect summer shirt for the BBQ goer:

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Father's Day

With Father's Day coming  fast down the line it is time to be posting ideas for gifts for Dad.

This year I have gone back to traditional gifts in the form of ties.

For a Dad who hails from the state of California, how about this as a gift?

California Tie
California Tie by Bretsuki
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 Is Dad a bibliophile and loves to spend his time in bookstores. Here is the perfect tie"

Book Tie
Book Tie by Bretsuki
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Does your Dad love history? Maybe a Roman Legion tie would be his style?

Legion Tie
Legion Tie by Bretsuki
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Or maybe he loves Physics and science. This Einstein's Formula Tie may be a relative talking point.

Physics Tie
Physics Tie by Bretsuki
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There are millions of possible gifts on You can even create your own gift online and it will be delivered to your or Dad's door in time for Father's Day.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Bumper Sticker or Two

I love old jokes.

You know the ones that make you groan and roll your eyes, because you remember the same joke doing the rounds when you were in school, probably when your grand-parents were in school too.

Well here is a golden oldie of a joke. As old as the hills, and lots of donkey's ears too.

Show me the way to go ... Bumper Sticker
Show me the way to go ... Bumper Sticker by Bretsuki
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 Then if you want to shaow your patriotic side there is this:

"I swear allegiance ..." Bumper Sticker
"I swear allegiance ..." Bumper Sticker by Bretsuki
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 I have to give credit to my Brother-in-Law for this one:

Save Gas! Bumper Sticker
Save Gas! Bumper Sticker by Bretsuki
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So here are just three of our popular Bumper Stickers. Take a look at our store Bretsuki's  for Bumper sticker and dozens of other products.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Travelling Gnome

One of the great things about zazzle is that you can create stories and characters.

My latest character is GnomeHe is a neighbor and friend and he loves to share "mug shots"

Wish you were here Mug
Wish you were here Mug by Bretsuki
 Browse more Gnome Mugs

Characters like Gnome can populate old holiday photographs, such as the one above or you can creat simple , "Naive" graphics if your drawing skill allows. This little house has appeared on several of my products but now has a second lease of life as Gnome's home.

Gnome at Home Mug Extra Large Mug
Gnome at Home Mug Extra Large Mug by Bretsuki
See other Gnome Mugs at zazzle

 Also included in a list of revitalized characters is Sunflower. Sunflower of course is a resident of Gnomes garden and a dear friend for the summer.

Here they share a photograph, of course added to a mug for their friends.

Gnome and Sunflower Mug
Gnome and Sunflower Mug by Bretsuki
Check out Gnome Mugs online at zazzle

  See it is easy to build ideas from available material. You can use new material or re-use  old designs in a new story.

You are only bounded by your imagination for the stories that you can tell.  O Of course this series of pictures shows only one product type. You can make  make your story fit as many product types as you want.

Have a try. You may be on to something great.