Thursday, May 8, 2014

Travelling Gnome

One of the great things about zazzle is that you can create stories and characters.

My latest character is GnomeHe is a neighbor and friend and he loves to share "mug shots"

Wish you were here Mug
Wish you were here Mug by Bretsuki
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Characters like Gnome can populate old holiday photographs, such as the one above or you can creat simple , "Naive" graphics if your drawing skill allows. This little house has appeared on several of my products but now has a second lease of life as Gnome's home.

Gnome at Home Mug Extra Large Mug
Gnome at Home Mug Extra Large Mug by Bretsuki
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 Also included in a list of revitalized characters is Sunflower. Sunflower of course is a resident of Gnomes garden and a dear friend for the summer.

Here they share a photograph, of course added to a mug for their friends.

Gnome and Sunflower Mug
Gnome and Sunflower Mug by Bretsuki
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  See it is easy to build ideas from available material. You can use new material or re-use  old designs in a new story.

You are only bounded by your imagination for the stories that you can tell.  O Of course this series of pictures shows only one product type. You can make  make your story fit as many product types as you want.

Have a try. You may be on to something great.

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