Saturday, November 8, 2014

Easily Created Designs

One of the easiest ways that I have found is to regress to my childhood and play with a

For those of you who have never heard of the Spirograph. It is a toy from the 1960's which is a system of cogs and wheels which allows you to draw complex patterns easily.

atom using a spirograph
A basic Spirograph design
 The design to the left took moments to create and is probably the simplest form of design. You can continue spirals on and on until you create more complex patterns whic can look like flowers or complex patterns.

After creating a design on paper it is simple to scan your creation into your computer using a flatbed scanner or even a 3 in 1 printer.

You can add extra color by using a painting program such as paint or just upload the design to Zazzle and begin placing it on the products that you feel will work with your design.

For instance I used this design on a tie.

Atom Tie
Atom Tie by Bretsuki
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A variety of  Spirograph Sets are available from