Saturday, March 15, 2014

Linsartwork on Zazzle

A store which I have found to have some very beautiful items is Linsartwork.

I have chosen it as my store of the month for April 2014.

Linsartwork has some great watercolor paintings of various animnals, burds and insects.

Particularly striking was this beautiful portrait of a kingfisher, available on several items from cards to tote bags.

Take a look at items from the Linsartwork store by clicking on the image below.

NEW! Uncle Sam Table Placecard

At the end of 2012, I was inspired by the "Uncle Sam: military recruitment posters of the early to mid Twentieth century.

Following this inspiration I have come back to Uncle Sam several times.

Today I am releasing yet another Uncle Sam inspired product. The "Uncle Sam Table Place Name Card."

The card allows you guests to find their seat at a party, just add their name to the card and put it in the desired place.

The card is customizable, you may add  a printed name to the front of each card or write it in by hand after you receive the cards and when you know a guest list.

You may also print something on the back too. A photograph or a welcome message to your guests, it's up to you.