Friday, September 30, 2016

OMG New American Citizen Greetings Card

Some of my favorite designs are my New American Citizen  Cards. We go back together quite away and they are my best sellers too. This year alone I have sold several hundred of them. One friend tells me, and he works at an education center teaching US Citizenship classes, that I have Donald Trump to thank. So thank you Mr Trump all the talk of curbing immigration has caused lots of permanent residents to opt for citizenship. This in turn has seen the rise in popularity of new citizen products.

This last week saw me working on yet another New Citizen design, this time incorporating the acronym "OMG".

greetings card showing the American flag over which is the slogan OMG you are an American Now with three stars made up of miniature flags, stars and stripes.
OMG You Are an American Now! Greetings Card

The card can be seen at "OMG You are an American" Greetings Card

Take a look today!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Mickey Mouse iPhone Cases

On Wednesday September 8, 2016. Apple is expected to show it's new iPhone, the iPhone 7 to the public for the first time.
Mickey Mouse smiling waves his arms above his head
Mickey Mouse ((Image Disney and WikiMedia)

The iPhone 7 is thought to be being released and available in the next few weeks and from experience we know that the new phone will need a new case to protect it from the knocks and drops of day to day wera and tear.

Zazzle is an excellent place to buy a new iPhone 7 case for your new phone. They create phone cases for many makes of phones and specialize in producing cases that you can customize. One of the major sources of images for zazzle is Disney.

Yes the Walt Disney Corporation has a store with zazzle and here is a link to the Disney Store with images for the new iPhone 7.

You can order your new Disney designed case today and have it ready when you pick up your new
 iPhone in a few weeks time

Take a look at the new collection here,  .Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse iPhone 7 Collection


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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Paris at Night All Over Print Tank Top

With the hot Summer days and even hotter Summer nights here it seems time to cool down.

A printed tank top with a picture of the floodlit Eiffel Tower at night in Paris France.

Ideal party wear for thos hot Summer BBQ's or for just resting beside the pool. This new shirt features a vibrant color image of the Eiffel Tower at night. The tower which stands over 1,000 feet high has dominated the Paris skyline for over a century and in recent years has been illuminated in the evenings.

Whether you have been to Paris on work or vacation this image will bring back memories. If you have only dreamed of taking a trip to Paris having this shirt will make you feel the dream has come just one step closer.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How to Create a Greetings Card: Inspiration Can Be Found Anywhere

Do you ever find yourself saying "I wish I could find my inspiration"?

I do all the time.

The thing is we now often travel with tools that can make creating images for our zazzle items really easy. For instance do you carry a smart phone with you? Do you think of the phone as something to gather inspiration or do you see it as a fun gadget to create only selfies for Facebook or Snapchat?

I look to my phone and its camera as a essential tool.

For instance recently I made a trip to the Central Coast of California, to the college town of Santa Cruz to be precise. I have been there many times and it is a place of constant fascination. It has a boardwalk, lots of piers and a mission. A typical California coastal town.

This time I was inspired to take a walk in the evening around the marina. Now a marina is an exciting place for images. For instance there was also the working fish dock, then the more upscale private yacht marina. Blue sky meeting blue ocean and reflections galore of boats, sky and buildings. You cannot turn in such a place without seeing an image with which you can design a post card or greeting card.

We see boats moored in the marina, tall masts stand against a deep blue sky on the right is a grove of trees across the water all reflected in the waters surface which is calm and mirror like.
The Marina at Santa Cruz California
The image to the left is a photograph which I took with my phone while walking around the marina at Santa Cruz.

The image itself is quite pleasing on its own, but there are some areas which for me detract from the scene.

For example the stoney breakwater to the left of the image distracts the eye and the stand of trees on the far side of the marina looks a little sparse and small.

So can we improve the image?

Of course we can. Here's how I did it.

I uploaded the image to my desktop computer and opened the Paint program to my desk top. Then simply opened the image of the marina above in Paint.

Using the selct tool in the Home menu I selected a portion of the image which I selected and cropped the image to remove the breakwater and while still including the main stand of trees I removed everything to the right of the main stand of trees.

Creating this image:

The breakwater has been cropped from the lower left of the image and a portion of the Right side has been cropped to reduce empty spaces on that side.
Cropped Image of Santa Cruz Harbor

To my mind this is a much better photograph and so having updated the image name and saved that as a JPEG file I moved on to the website and uploaded this image to my images collection.

Having uploaded the image to zazzle, I had to decide what to do with the image. For me it said Greetins Card. So I opened the create greetings card option and added the image from the images collection.

Again the image looked a little imbalanced, the tree on it's own on the horizon made the  stand of trees look small so I enlarged the image a little and moved the stand of trees to the right hand edge of the card front. This made the stand of trees look more impressive and balanced the picture nicely.

Then all that needed to happen was to add my details in text to the back of the card: Where the image was, my name and zazzle store link address so a recipient can go and take a look at my store later if they wish.

Don't forget the plain space on the back of the card is prime advertising realty. Use it to direct prospective customers back to your store or at least to zazzle using your reference code so you can be credited for a 15% royalty or finders fee.

To view the finished Santa Cruz California Greetings Card Click HERE.

Monday, April 18, 2016

I'll Take a Burger on That Shirt

A popular motif for this season is the humble burger.

Burgers are everywhere this year and I have a couple of nice shirts to follow the trend.

Here they are:

"I'm Only here for the Burgers" T Shirt
"I'm Only here for the Burgers" T Shirt by Bretsuki
Look at other Burger T-Shirts at

"I Don't Give a Burger!" T Shirt
"I Don't Give a Burger!" T Shirt by Bretsuki
Check out I dont care T-Shirts online at zazzle

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bridal Shower Invitations

In the past few weeks I have been collecting Bridal shower invitation ideas for my new Pinterest board.

This board has over one hundred ideas so there are lots to see. They range from Rustic Cowgirl to Romantic and I hope you will enjoy looking at the collection that I have created.

Follow William's board Bridal Shower Ideas on Pinterest.

* Please Note that if you use the links on this Pinterest board, I do receive a small commission if you then purchase an item from any of the stores included in this collection. You only pay the price displayed any commission is paid by directly.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Baby Blanket Collection on Pinterest

Today there is a new Pinterest board on my account. If you are looking for new ideas for baby blankets, maybe you have been invited to a baby shower and are looking for a great gift for the new mother. Then this baby blanket collection board will give you some new ideas.

Follow William's board Baby Blanket Collection on Pinterest.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Latest New Citizen Celebration Card

Some of my most consistent best selling Greetings cards are the "New Citizen" cards.

These cards virtually got my zazzle store going originally. So little wonder that I keep returning to this theme in one way or another.

Here now is my latest design. Great value at just $3.20

Or to see the full range of New Citizen cards, gifts and apparell go to my collection here.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ancient London Transport Notice

The city of London in England was founded almost 2,000 years ago as the Roman armies of the Emperor Claudius moved North and West across the islands of Britain.

Recently a marvellous  discovery was announced. The Romans ha their own integrated transport system in place. It was called Transportum Londinium (TL).

The opening of a long abandoned office   in the LT building left historians amazed as they found many documents including public notices on how to behave on the new public transit system. Advice to keep their bags with them at all times. Gladii wear to remain sheathed at all times and No stowage of Pilum under the stairs on buses. These are all fascinating insights into the life of Roman London.

I have been able to gain access to some of the collection  thanks to the help of my friend B.J. Lirpa an archivist at the London Museum. She has allowed me to recreate the design of one of the public notices as a t-shirt.

Here is the Transportum Londinium Shirt

Londinium Transport Notice Shirt
Londinium Transport Notice Shirt by Bretsuki
Browse more Latin T-Shirts at Zazzle

The shirt contains the TL logo while beneath it calls on users to 'Nihil Expectorum en Omnibus', 'translated to 'No Spitting on the Public Transport'.

I Know Bull Shirt

Have you ever wished that you could call someone out on the B@##$^!t they are serving you?

Well here is a shirt that can tell them exactly what you are thinking.

"I know B*##^%!t" Shirt
"I know B*##^%!t" Shirt by Bretsuki
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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Superman or Batman?

Who is the greatest?

For a long time we have awaited a definitive answer. Of course those in the know have their ideas.

Superman, man of steel, he leaps the tallest building, he flies like a bird, he has x-ray eyes and he's from another planet. But he does have his Kryptonite too.

Then Batman, wealthy, a vigilante in black and masked. He drives a pretty pumped up car too. But er he's human.

So on this page I go Superman

Saturday, March 19, 2016

"It's a Viking Raid!"

Vicky the Viking is a  happy little chap. He and his mates are a raiding party. They just love, cake and treat themselves where'er they go. Party, Party, Party is the life of this particular Viking so he came up with this T-shirt that he and his best mates can wear when they go raiding.

It's a Viking Raid T Shirt
It's a Viking Raid T Shirt by Bretsuki
Create your own custom t-shirts online at

Thursday, March 17, 2016

TGIF What Does it Mean To You?

TGIF can mean so much to so many.

Maybe you are in the "Thank God It's Friday" camp. The end of a working week and the start of a week-end long party. Fun, Fun, Fun!

Maybe you are saying "This Grandma is Fabulous!" Well here is a shirt for all you fabulous grandma's out there. And Hail to the fabulous Grandfather's too you can be TGIF too.

Then there are the patriots, you want to say "Thank God I'm Free!"  Isn't freedom worth celebrating?

Here is the shirt for all of you. Bright, colorful, fun Celebrate TGIF everyday in every way in this T-shirt for all.

Women's TGIF Short Sleeve Shirt

TGIF T-SHIRT by Bretsuki
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Men's TGIF Shirt

Friday, March 11, 2016

XOXO Love in Black Mug

I love to look through the mug section on and here is my latest favorite the XOXO Love in Black Mug.

The design is simple yet eyecatching and being in black and white is not a problem for this mug. Color can often be a distraction in design and this mugs design is perfect, no frills and distractions, a simple message "XOXO" Love and hugs.

Simply perfect

Monday, March 7, 2016

"I'm no Donald Trump!"

With the 2016 Election now starting to hot up, memorabelia is starting to appear.

So listening to the news these last few weeks and I have heard Donald Trump compared to many politicians of the past. So I decided to make a play with this imagined quote from the First Republican President, Abraham Lincoln.

I am not endorsing any particular candidate with this mug.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Children's Birthday Invitation

This has been a good day for work. I have accomplished a lot today and here is one of my latest designs.

I took the idea of a toy train, added some little extra motifs and came up with this Birthday invitation.

This birthday invitation can be used for any birthday, and who's to say why it could not be used for an adults birthday party too? After all I love trains and so would love this lively and colorful card for my birthday party invitation.

Antique Chandelier For Wedding Stationery

One of my favorite stores on Zazzle for wedding stationary is "Antique Chandelier" the have everything that the wedding arranger needs.

From initial save the date stationery to matching postage you can make this store your one-stop for all of your needs.

Modern Floral Wedding Suite
Modern Floral Wedding Suite
by Jennifer Clarke

Thursday, March 3, 2016

For the Irish Spirit

With Saint Patrick's Day just around the corner on March 17. My designers eye has been wandering to the Emerald Isle itself.

Taking the traditional motif  of the Celtic knot and the Cross and creating a broach motif for this dress and T-Shirts as well as a hoodie.

T-Shirt Dress

Celtic Knot Cross Tee Shirt
Celtic Knot Cross Tee Shirt by Bretsuki
Find other Ireland T-Shirts at

Celtic Knot T-Shirt

Celtic Knot Cross Hoodie Dress

Celtic Knot Broach T-shirt
Celtic Knot Broach T-shirt by Bretsuki
Create your own printed tee shirts online at Zazzle.

Take a look at my Zazzle Store Here

Friday, February 26, 2016

The "Maple Leaf American"

Recently a friend of mine married a Canadian. To celebrate their marriage it seemed a good idea to create something special.

Well here it is a series of designs for women, men, children and babies. "The Maple Leaf American" brings together the flags of both nations shaped as hearts.

These designs can be worn for everyday wear, be given as a gift at a baby shower if you know a happy couple who are about to give birth to a baby of a Canadian/American family or just enjoy the color of these two great flags.

Here are samples from my collection.

Women's Long Sleeve

Maple Leaf American Shirts
Maple Leaf American Shirts by Bretsuki
Create custom tshirts at

Baby Clothing

"Maple Leaf American" T-shirts
"Maple Leaf American" T-shirts by Bretsuki
Look at more Maple leaf T-Shirts at zazzle

Men's Short Sleeved T-Shirt

Maple Leaf American Shirts
Maple Leaf American Shirts by Bretsuki
Check out other Canadian T-Shirts at

Toddler Fleece Sweatshirt

Maple Leaf American Shirts
Maple Leaf American Shirts by Bretsuki
See other Canadian T-Shirts at zazzle

Kid's Style Shirts

Maple Leaf American Shirts
Maple Leaf American Shirts by Bretsuki
Check out other Canadian T-Shirts at

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Most Sold Items

My stores have been open on for about five years now. A lot has changed in that time. My stores have grown, zazzle itself has grown and I can now look back on my records to see what items have done the best over the whole period.

Top of my list of sales come cards, birthday cards, invitations, congratulations. Cards for all reasons fill nine spots in my top ten sales.  Invitations fill the top two spots, this is because often they are ordered in multiples of tens.  Best selling of my individually purchased cards is

Best Selling Individual Purchase:

To me this is a happy little card. One of the reviewers of the card commented on the novelty of a Latin greeting to fit the image of the Roman Legionaire. It is viewed several times per week and looks to keep it's position as a best seller for the time being.

The only non card item in the top ten sellers is a cup, or mug.

Ninth Best Selling item: Don't Poke the Bear

Don't Poke the Bear Mug
Don't Poke the Bear Mug by Bretsuki
Check out Bear Mugs online at zazzle

This mug was actually created by my wife. She wanted it to be a retirement gift for a friend from her workplace. It turned out so well that we posted it for sale and here it is at ninth best-selling item in my store. The template was also added to several other items, shirts, cards etc. it has proved very popular on all types of items.

Best of the Rest: Amtrak Locomotive

A good reason why you should always have a camera handy with you.

This item the Amtrak Locomotive Wallet is my eleventh best selling item. The locomotive and train were loading as I took the photograph, just as a personal interest picture. Thinking it may be of interest I posted the picture on cards and this wallet. Bang it was an instant best seller, the card with this image being one of my top ten as well as this higher value item being a good seller.

I hope this insight  into my zazzle best sellers might have been informative.

If you have any questions or comments please fell free to post in the comments below.