Saturday, September 3, 2016

Mickey Mouse iPhone Cases

On Wednesday September 8, 2016. Apple is expected to show it's new iPhone, the iPhone 7 to the public for the first time.
Mickey Mouse smiling waves his arms above his head
Mickey Mouse ((Image Disney and WikiMedia)

The iPhone 7 is thought to be being released and available in the next few weeks and from experience we know that the new phone will need a new case to protect it from the knocks and drops of day to day wera and tear.

Zazzle is an excellent place to buy a new iPhone 7 case for your new phone. They create phone cases for many makes of phones and specialize in producing cases that you can customize. One of the major sources of images for zazzle is Disney.

Yes the Walt Disney Corporation has a store with zazzle and here is a link to the Disney Store with images for the new iPhone 7.

You can order your new Disney designed case today and have it ready when you pick up your new
 iPhone in a few weeks time

Take a look at the new collection here,  .Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse iPhone 7 Collection


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