Saturday, May 18, 2019

Glitter and Glitz for Forty Years

She's forty this year. Well they say that forty is the new twenty. So give her some glamour on her birthday.

Blonde woman wearing a blue dress with a sash over her right shoulder to her left hip with letters in rhinestones saying forty and fabulous.
Forty and Fabulous Sash
My she does look  like a million dollars today. A nice sash declaring her 40 and Fabulous, decorated in Rhinestones adds just a little extra glitter and sparkle to the party.

Looking good on your fortieth birthday is a big deal and so go all out to help her look her best. Provide her with a trip to the nail salon, a beauty treatment at a spa. Get her hair done, maybe buy her a new dress.

Add a touch of sparkle.

Maybe even consider buying her something that she has really wanted for some time.

Little things can mean a lot when tied to a landmark birthday and forty is definitely one of the great landmark birthdays.

Pamper her, spoil her, make her feel special on this once in a lifetime day.

Have you considered planning a party for her?

She may say that it doesn't matter to have a party but having something to dress up for can make her day. Maybe consider making an effort for her. You'll only have one fortieth birthday with her after all.

What about a little costume jewelery to make her feel like an Hollywood Star.

She is glamorous, she is sophisticated, she is special she is forty.

Tell her, show her. Love her.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Dogs Playing in a Spring Meadow Birthday Card

Springtime is beautiful here in the Central Valley of California. A few days ago I took my Black Labrador Retriever for a day out at the lake and while he was there he met a young Standard French Poodle puppy, she was just five months old and as tall as my seven year old Lab.

They had a grand old time running and chasing through the wild flowers in the meadow beside the lake.

This card is based on one of the many photographs that I took on that afternoon.

After about two hours of solid play my poor Lab was exhausted, the Poodle puppy however could have run on and on. She was like the Energizer Bunny when it came to playing.

So thanks to Leif, my Lab and Desi, the Poodle puppy for the great afternoon and thank you for taking a look at our latest birthday greetings card.

To read more about Greetings card design : CLICK HERE

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Monday, April 15, 2019

"Wales Forever" Mug From the Mouth of the Red Dragon

Wales Forever!

I keep coming back to roots, as a man from the Welsh and English border. My Father Welsh, my Mother, English. I feel drawn to both my ancestral sides.

The "Red Dragon" or Dragen Goch to give him his Welsh name is something that causes my heart to miss a beat every once in a while.

For the decoration of this mug I took the head of the dragon from the flag of Wales and made it the center piece of the design.

I hope that you will like this item. There are several variations on the theme in my zazzle store.

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Children's Birthday Party Invitation: The Roman Legion Invite

A couple of days ago, I received an e-mail through the zazzle contact the designer  link. Always on the look out for new ideas I eagerly read the message from Ann in Colchester, England.

Ann was asking if I could adapt an existing birthday card the Roman Legion card, and make it into a birthday invitation.

I admit this idea had previously passed me by. I was so happy with the suggestion that I set to work and came up with the above Roman Legion  Birthday Party Invitation.

Hope you like the idea. Thank you Ann for your suggestion.

Here are some other Birthday Party Invitations for your children's birthday parties.


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