Friday, October 3, 2014

Use the Featured Products Tag to Maximize Your Visibility

One of the most overlooked features with the Zazzle platform is the Featured Products Tab.

When you create a new product or you even decide to maximize an older designs visibility "Featured Products" can help you.

How It Works

The featured Products Tab allows you to select as many items ffrom your store as you wish to push them onto  widets such as the Blog Panel which you may have on your blog.

This means you have some great control over what your customer can see.

If  the items you choose catch the attention of customers, they still come to your store, to the very page of the item in fact a great way to drive a hot traffic source to your products.

What to do

Go to the Product Page.

Find the item you want to feature and click on the small tick box to the lower left below the  items image.

To the lower right of the image is a drop down menu. Click on this.

Select the "Add to  Featured  Product" item from the menu.

If you have a Blog Panel active the item will appear in some of the panel showings.

To create a Blog Panel, go to the Associates page and click on the store that you wish to create a blog panel for. Copy the HTML code the website creates for you and paste this into your blog in the desired place.


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