Friday, March 14, 2014

Roman Legion T-Shirt

History can be fun.

Today a happy  little bunch of Ancient Roman Legionaries made their way into town.

Veni, Vedi and Vici, have decided to go on a vacation, tired of all their coming, seeing and conquering. The happy bunch of Roman soldiers are as cute as can be and despite their look are very friendly.

Roman Legion T-Shirt
Roman Legion T-Shirt by Bretsuki
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Nail Art?

I had thought I had seen pretty much everything, until this morning.

As I browsed I came across nail art, or you may call them nail stickers.

The fashion for decorative finger nail polish designs has reached a new height and a great range of decorative nail  designs are available online..

They will save hours at the nail salon and they look pretty smart too.

Take a look at some today!