Sunday, March 16, 2014

Can I create an Item if I Can't Draw?

You may be asking yourself, Can I create items for sale on when I can't draw?

The answer is simple and short:  YES!

You definitely don't need to be able to draw to create any item for sale on zazzle.

First you don't need to have a picture on your item. Do you have a favorite phrase, slogan or quote from a book?

You can just use words, as long as the words are your own or are not from copyrighted material.

Copyrighted material would include a catchphrase from a television program or phrase from the lyrics of a song.

If the source is a common phrase in use generally it can be used without much fear of copyright.

You can also use your own photographs, definitely DO Not USE photographs found on the internet of celebrities, they will be copyrighted and you will eventually find yourself in trouble.

When I use my own photographs I upload them to my computer and then take them to the Paint program which came free with my software package from Microsoft.

With the picture uploaded in Paint I crop it as required, then using the sizing tool I  increase the size to about 400%.

Increasing the file size allows Paint to redefine the image and after this has occured I save the file under the name I will upload to

I use the zazzle upload tool in the my account menu and upload the very large image.

The larger image can then be reduced onto items, rather than running the risk of a pixalated image being rejected by the zazzle image monitor software. When this happens you have a large red box appear warning you that an image has been magnified beyond reasonable tolerances. Very frustrating.

You can then use the product creator to manipulate your ideas into a finished product to post.