Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Bumper Sticker or Two

I love old jokes.

You know the ones that make you groan and roll your eyes, because you remember the same joke doing the rounds when you were in school, probably when your grand-parents were in school too.

Well here is a golden oldie of a joke. As old as the hills, and lots of donkey's ears too.

Show me the way to go ... Bumper Sticker
Show me the way to go ... Bumper Sticker by Bretsuki
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 Then if you want to shaow your patriotic side there is this:

"I swear allegiance ..." Bumper Sticker
"I swear allegiance ..." Bumper Sticker by Bretsuki
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 I have to give credit to my Brother-in-Law for this one:

Save Gas! Bumper Sticker
Save Gas! Bumper Sticker by Bretsuki
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