Saturday, March 19, 2016

"It's a Viking Raid!"

Vicky the Viking is a  happy little chap. He and his mates are a raiding party. They just love, cake and treat themselves where'er they go. Party, Party, Party is the life of this particular Viking so he came up with this T-shirt that he and his best mates can wear when they go raiding.

It's a Viking Raid T Shirt
It's a Viking Raid T Shirt by Bretsuki
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Thursday, March 17, 2016

TGIF What Does it Mean To You?

TGIF can mean so much to so many.

Maybe you are in the "Thank God It's Friday" camp. The end of a working week and the start of a week-end long party. Fun, Fun, Fun!

Maybe you are saying "This Grandma is Fabulous!" Well here is a shirt for all you fabulous grandma's out there. And Hail to the fabulous Grandfather's too you can be TGIF too.

Then there are the patriots, you want to say "Thank God I'm Free!"  Isn't freedom worth celebrating?

Here is the shirt for all of you. Bright, colorful, fun Celebrate TGIF everyday in every way in this T-shirt for all.

Women's TGIF Short Sleeve Shirt

TGIF T-SHIRT by Bretsuki
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Men's TGIF Shirt

Friday, March 11, 2016

XOXO Love in Black Mug

I love to look through the mug section on and here is my latest favorite the XOXO Love in Black Mug.

The design is simple yet eyecatching and being in black and white is not a problem for this mug. Color can often be a distraction in design and this mugs design is perfect, no frills and distractions, a simple message "XOXO" Love and hugs.

Simply perfect

Monday, March 7, 2016

"I'm no Donald Trump!"

With the 2016 Election now starting to hot up, memorabelia is starting to appear.

So listening to the news these last few weeks and I have heard Donald Trump compared to many politicians of the past. So I decided to make a play with this imagined quote from the First Republican President, Abraham Lincoln.

I am not endorsing any particular candidate with this mug.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Children's Birthday Invitation

This has been a good day for work. I have accomplished a lot today and here is one of my latest designs.

I took the idea of a toy train, added some little extra motifs and came up with this Birthday invitation.

This birthday invitation can be used for any birthday, and who's to say why it could not be used for an adults birthday party too? After all I love trains and so would love this lively and colorful card for my birthday party invitation.

Antique Chandelier For Wedding Stationery

One of my favorite stores on Zazzle for wedding stationary is "Antique Chandelier" the have everything that the wedding arranger needs.

From initial save the date stationery to matching postage you can make this store your one-stop for all of your needs.

Modern Floral Wedding Suite
Modern Floral Wedding Suite
by Jennifer Clarke

Thursday, March 3, 2016

For the Irish Spirit

With Saint Patrick's Day just around the corner on March 17. My designers eye has been wandering to the Emerald Isle itself.

Taking the traditional motif  of the Celtic knot and the Cross and creating a broach motif for this dress and T-Shirts as well as a hoodie.

T-Shirt Dress

Celtic Knot Cross Tee Shirt
Celtic Knot Cross Tee Shirt by Bretsuki
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Celtic Knot T-Shirt

Celtic Knot Cross Hoodie Dress

Celtic Knot Broach T-shirt
Celtic Knot Broach T-shirt by Bretsuki
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