Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How to Create a Greetings Card: Inspiration Can Be Found Anywhere

Do you ever find yourself saying "I wish I could find my inspiration"?

I do all the time.

The thing is we now often travel with tools that can make creating images for our zazzle items really easy. For instance do you carry a smart phone with you? Do you think of the phone as something to gather inspiration or do you see it as a fun gadget to create only selfies for Facebook or Snapchat?

I look to my phone and its camera as a essential tool.

For instance recently I made a trip to the Central Coast of California, to the college town of Santa Cruz to be precise. I have been there many times and it is a place of constant fascination. It has a boardwalk, lots of piers and a mission. A typical California coastal town.

This time I was inspired to take a walk in the evening around the marina. Now a marina is an exciting place for images. For instance there was also the working fish dock, then the more upscale private yacht marina. Blue sky meeting blue ocean and reflections galore of boats, sky and buildings. You cannot turn in such a place without seeing an image with which you can design a post card or greeting card.

We see boats moored in the marina, tall masts stand against a deep blue sky on the right is a grove of trees across the water all reflected in the waters surface which is calm and mirror like.
The Marina at Santa Cruz California
The image to the left is a photograph which I took with my phone while walking around the marina at Santa Cruz.

The image itself is quite pleasing on its own, but there are some areas which for me detract from the scene.

For example the stoney breakwater to the left of the image distracts the eye and the stand of trees on the far side of the marina looks a little sparse and small.

So can we improve the image?

Of course we can. Here's how I did it.

I uploaded the image to my desktop computer and opened the Paint program to my desk top. Then simply opened the image of the marina above in Paint.

Using the selct tool in the Home menu I selected a portion of the image which I selected and cropped the image to remove the breakwater and while still including the main stand of trees I removed everything to the right of the main stand of trees.

Creating this image:

The breakwater has been cropped from the lower left of the image and a portion of the Right side has been cropped to reduce empty spaces on that side.
Cropped Image of Santa Cruz Harbor

To my mind this is a much better photograph and so having updated the image name and saved that as a JPEG file I moved on to the website and uploaded this image to my images collection.

Having uploaded the image to zazzle, I had to decide what to do with the image. For me it said Greetins Card. So I opened the create greetings card option and added the image from the images collection.

Again the image looked a little imbalanced, the tree on it's own on the horizon made the  stand of trees look small so I enlarged the image a little and moved the stand of trees to the right hand edge of the card front. This made the stand of trees look more impressive and balanced the picture nicely.

Then all that needed to happen was to add my details in text to the back of the card: Where the image was, my name and zazzle store link address so a recipient can go and take a look at my store later if they wish.

Don't forget the plain space on the back of the card is prime advertising realty. Use it to direct prospective customers back to your store or at least to zazzle using your reference code so you can be credited for a 15% royalty or finders fee.

To view the finished Santa Cruz California Greetings Card Click HERE.