Friday, September 30, 2016

OMG New American Citizen Greetings Card

Some of my favorite designs are my New American Citizen  Cards. We go back together quite away and they are my best sellers too. This year alone I have sold several hundred of them. One friend tells me, and he works at an education center teaching US Citizenship classes, that I have Donald Trump to thank. So thank you Mr Trump all the talk of curbing immigration has caused lots of permanent residents to opt for citizenship. This in turn has seen the rise in popularity of new citizen products.

This last week saw me working on yet another New Citizen design, this time incorporating the acronym "OMG".

greetings card showing the American flag over which is the slogan OMG you are an American Now with three stars made up of miniature flags, stars and stripes.
OMG You Are an American Now! Greetings Card

The card can be seen at "OMG You are an American" Greetings Card

Take a look today!