Monday, December 31, 2018

Caesar Photo Bombs the Legion Birthday Greetings Card

Of all periods of history I think I loved learning about the Romans most of all.

Perhaps it was growing up near the city of Chester in North-West England. Shopping trips were always fascinating there during the summer, there was a tour guide dressed as a Roman Legionary, he would clatter and clink as he guided various groups around the city and it's walls.

I always had a vision of  Romans as a happy go lucky group and I suppose that is probably where the idea for this card came from. A group of legionaries gather for a selfie when in pops Caesar and photo-bombs them.

Ah! A moment of history caught on camera.


Happy New Year and all the best for 2019 to you all, wherever you may be.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

DisneyFamily Fun Vacation

Vacation time is a time for family fun. Dressing comfortably is also a must.

The Walt Disney company and zazzle  come together to create some great shirts for all the family to wear. Mom, dad and all the children can have personalized shirts for their vacation.

Shirts are easy to create using the built in zazzle customize button. Just click on the area you wish to customize and fill in the required details. You get to see the item before you buy, if you are happy just click to purchase and in a few hours you will receive an e-mail telling you the item is on the way to your home. So you get to buy genuine Disney brand goods, personalized, delivered to your home without wasting a moment of your vacation.



There are lots of possible variations in style or color, even characters.

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So there are some choices for you. If you are planning a vacation with Mickey this year. Why not buy a personalized family vacation shirt before you go.

It's easy with zazzle and Disney.

To save ideas to your Pinterest Vacation Board hover the cursor over the desired item. After a few moments a pin it button will appear. Just click on the pin it button and choose your appropriate Pinterest board to save your pin.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

This year has been a full and happy one for me.

I have achieved some goals including taking a public speaking class at my local college. Just for fun, and it was a great deal of fun.

My wife and I also were selected to become puppy sitters for our local chapter of Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy raisers. While we will not have our own puppy to train we will get to puppy sit the clubs puppies as their raisers go out of town for a few days on business or vacation or if they fall ill.

I would like to say thank you to all who have read and shared this blog throughout 2018. I appreciate everyone of your visits and I hope that you will continue to visit and share our blog throughout 2019.

Thank you and All the Best this Christmas

Monday, December 24, 2018

Bridesmaid Gift Totes

It is nice to say thank you to your bridesmaids.

One  way to say your thanks in a permanent way is to give the gift of a Tote bag.

Tote bags are available in a range of sizes; from small, about large enough to carry a paperback or two, to the largest bags which can allow you to carry towels, sun screen and other essentials to the beach or pool for the day.

Totes also are easily customized using the zazzle customize option provided on many of the designers pages. These options allow you to change scripts, messages and colors of the bags.

Here are some other styles available to you:

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Thank you

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Is it a Girl? Is it a Boy? Gender Reveal Party Invitations

What is the baby to be? Girl? Boy?

Why not have a fun party to share your news with friends and relatives.

Zazzle has a wide variety of gender reveal  party invitations; cute, chalk board  and rustic to name but a few.



Preparing for a new baby?

Why not take a look at creating a "New Baby Registry

Our "NEW Baby Registry" is supported by amazon.  You can receive a FREE Gift Box for registering and you can add thousands of items to your registry with a click of a button. Plus if you are a Prime Subscription holder you have all the benefits of your Prime service.

To read more about our "New Baby Registry" Click Here.

To help you have a gender reveal party to remember here are a few styles of party invitations to be found at zazzle.


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I wish you and your baby all the best. Have fun browsing all the stores and styles above.

To make it easy for you to save these card styles. Pause your cursor over an image you like. A Pin on Pinterest icon should appear and you can then save that item to your party plan board on Pinterest. Easy.

Thank you for visiting this blog. Please feel free to tell your friends about this blog.